Featured Vendors January-March: 2022

Featured Vendors January-March: 2022

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  • Asdal

    ASDAL provides a disruptive retail management software GRIT that allows retail brands to streamline management on online marketplaces such as Amazon. GRIT offers a robust infrastructure with automation and reporting for clients to turn product data into clear action steps improving their sales efficiency, customer experience, and market success. By eliminating knock-offs and resellers from the scenario, ASDAL also aims to provide trust to buyers and ensure that they get the real products every time they shop, like in a retail store. Along with its robust solution, what sets ASDAL apart from competitors is its initiatives to empower brands with market knowledge

    We envisioned a marketplace built on trust, where brands are empowered to engage their customers on their own terms

    DarrinLevine, Founder and CEO

    Minneapolis, MN
  • Field Day

    Field Day has decided to centralize the disparate retail marketing space through relevant technology. Believing that every location where brick and mortar stores operate in is characteristically different, Field Day’s unique platform centralizes local marketing approaches by forming a substantial database regarding a store and the people associated with it within a particular trade area. In addition to such data-based approach, Field Day has built a one-of-its-kind marketplace of field ambassadors to build brand awareness by bringing the message of a brand to the street

    Alex Nocifera, Founder & CEO

    Marina del Rey, CA
  • Grabango

    As the only enterprise-class provider of checkout-free technology in the market, Grabango operates in large retail environments that are up to 100,000 square feet and often with hundreds of simultaneous shoppers onsite. Service integrates seamlessly with retailers’ existing POS systems and stocking operations. The Grabango Source of Truth covers every product in the store with an accurate, time-stamped database of all shopping events, offering real-time visibility into every aspect of the retailer’s operations, including inventory. This capability proves to be effective in the battle to reduce shopper and insider fraud (shrink)

    We are focused on measuring not even the last mile but the last footing, the moment of truth itself, to help retailers drive sales in real-time

    Will Glaser, Founder & CEO

    Berkeley, CA
  • Retail Aware

    Retail Aware offers customized solutions for retailers by harnessing the power of various analog sensing technologies. The company possesses a library of cost-effective microsensors—either wireless and battery-powered or wired—that can be deployed in stores to detect customer engagements. The various microsensors include ambient sensors, wireless thermal microsensors, wireless visual light microsensors, wireless temperature microsensors, and wireless switch microsensors. In retail stores, these microsensors are either attached to a fixture before shipping to the store or retrofit existing displays. Apart from the microsensors, the system consists of a base station or hub. The credit-card-sized hub is plugged in and deployed anywhere in the store up to a range of 100 feet

    Keith Fix, Founder and CEO

    Omaha, Nebraska